ARTEL's Arctic Collection Double Old Fashioned Set in Ink

ARTEL's Arctic Collection Double Old Fashioned Set in Ink


Introduced in 2015

With its vast frozen landscapes, majestic creatures, and ancient indigenous cultures, the Arctic is one of the most mysterious and wondrous regions on the planet. The ARCTIC collection celebrates this special place with the inclusion of six Arctic-themed motifs: Polar Bear, Penguin, Walrus, Snow Owl, Fox, and Arctic Fisherman. The subject of each motif is hand-engraved in breathtakingly lifelike detail and depicted atop a stylized, cubistic ice formation. In addition, the bottom of each mouth-blown piece features a finely wrought image of a jumping fish, making these motifs especially appropriate for Double Old Fashioned glasses and other wide-bottomed shapes.

The inspiration for this collection was a visit ARTĚL’s founder / director Karen Feldman made with her toddler-aged daughter to the Prague Zoo, where they both became “obsessed with Polar Bears” and other inhabitants of the frozen north. Effortlessly evoking the stark beauty of snowy climes, the ARCTIC collection makes a fun, stylish addition to the décor of any ski cabin or winter getaway.



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