ARTEL's Baroko Stemless Goblet in Red

ARTEL's Baroko Stemless Goblet in Red


Introduced in 2004

This richly detailed motif, inspired by an antique goblet acquired from a Prague antiques dealer, evokes the Peasant Baroque style of 1920s and 1930s Bohemia. As such, it is perhaps our most traditional design, free from virtually any trace of modernism; however, when matched with our contemporary silhouettes, the result is a charming blend of Old Country aesthetics with 21st-century design sensibility.

Although Baroko is available in our full range of shapes, it is especially well suited for the Stemless Goblet, which can be used both as a water glass and a vase. Baroko is most popular in clear crystal and is strikingly chic in black.




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