ARTEL's Cabinet of Curiosities Double Old Fashioned Set

ARTEL's Cabinet of Curiosities Double Old Fashioned Set


Introduced in 2016

From the early Renaissance through the Victorian era, aristocrats and scholars throughout Europe created and displayed ornate “cabinets of curiosities.” These collections of taxidermy, skins, skeletons, and other exotic natural artifacts enthralled contemporary viewers by exposing them to the wonders and oddities of the natural world. ARTĚL celebrates this tradition with the CABINET OF CURIOSITIES collection: six natural history-themed motifs – BAT, BEETLE, BLOWFISH, BUTTERFLY, SKULL, and SNAKE – engraved with the meticulous attention to detail of 18th & 19th century zoology illustrations, and available either individually or as a set of six glasses (sets include one glass with each design). Here’s an insider tip: The motifs that comprise this collection are executed in the same style and format as our popular CRAB and LOBSTER motifs, making it possible to mix and match either of those designs with the ones in the new collection – or start your own curiosity cabinet with a complete set of eight different glasses. While the collection looks great in any color, clear crystal lends an especially classic, vintage look to these designs.



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