ARTEL's Deco Double Old Fashioned in Black

ARTEL's Deco Double Old Fashioned in Black


Introduced in 2013

Despite having flourished nearly 100 years ago, the Art Deco style remains as timeless and influential as ever. With DECO, ARTĚL pays homage to this distinctive aesthetic. Featuring a wraparound pattern reminiscent of a 1920s theater marquee, DECO is a seamless blend of vintage-meets modern design and traditional Czech craftsmanship. Inspired by a wide range of sources, including the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City, classic period furniture, the paintings of Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka, and the short-lived architectural style known as Czech Cubism, DECO clearly illustrates ARTĚL founder Karen Feldman’s ongoing fascination with this era.

While it is offered in a variety of vibrant colors, Feldman especially recommends black, noting that the contrast between the matte white sandblasted design and the translucence of the black crystal is “particularly striking.”



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