ARTEL's Safari Set Double Old Fashioned in Amber

ARTEL's Safari Set Double Old Fashioned in Amber


Introduced in 2001

There is nothing like a safari to evoke images of adventure, grandeur, and romance. ARTĚL’s Safari Set lets you bring home the big game without entering the bush or donning a pith helmet. In conceiving the motif, designer and company director Karen Feldman wanted to avoid a "typical" safari look and feel, deciding instead to focus on the idea of expressive silhouettes. The resulting stylized depictions of elephants, gazelles, giraffes, jaguars, monkeys, ostriches, and zebras evoke a whimsical sense of movement and grace, as though they are silently being observed in their natural habitat.

Available either individually or as a set of six glasses (sets include one glass with each animal design), Safari is perfect for outdoor entertaining – from the Serengeti to your patio and anywhere in between.



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