ARTEL's Forest Folly Set in Double Old Fashioned Glasses

ARTEL's Forest Folly Set in Double Old Fashioned Glasses


Introduced in 2012

With a stylish modern twist on a classic theme, the newly introduced Forest Folly Collection pays homage to the centuries-old tradition of hunting in the Bohemian countryside. The Forest Folly Collection is comprised of six different hunting-themed motifs – Stag, Hare, Fox, Duck, Wild Boar, and Labrador with Pheasant – which are available either individually or as a set of six glasses (sets include one glass with each animal design) in a range of vibrant colors.

Each rustically elegant mouth-blown glass features a hand-engraved image of an animal surrounded by a delicately intertwined thicket of oak branches and centered above a crossed pair of hunting rifles, as well as a single oak leaf on the bottom. Inspired by an Art Nouveau engraving of a fierce stag that ARTĚL founder/director Karen Feldman found in her country house in southern Bohemia, the Forest Folly collection is perfect for a country house or hunting lodge, and the set of six glasses makes a great conversation piece at any occasion where game is served. Forest Folly was created by Věra Panková, ARTĚL’s longtime design collaborator.



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